The Liberty Guild is yours. A product of the wisdom of the crowd. We’ve talked to over 500 of you. And listened. Marketing, Procurement, Creatives, Strategists & Production Companies. All of you. And you all said the same thing. You all want to work in a better way that feels fairer, and redistributes the value more evenly. No one is happy with how it is right now. So we designed the business around all of your needs, letting technology take the strain and putting the focus back on ideas.


The Liberty Guild is a co-creation platform which connects brands that need ideas with the top creatives and strategists in the world. Because we’re a platform, we’re global from the get go and our overheads are low.

Once you don't have to pay for the buildings, the baristas and the beanbags, the money can be redistributed more fairly, to the people actually doing the work. Wherever they happen to be.

Platform thinking makes your marketing spend work harder and more effectively. That’s Liberty.


The Liberty Guild is an ‘on demand’ business. Clients use us – and pay for us – only when they need to. We’re not looking for an AOR relationship.

We sell ideas, not hours. So our clients pay us only for the creative work they need, not for an open-ended engagement loosely dictated by timesheets.

And our product range delivers creativity for a range of client needs. Decoupled Creative Ideation for ‘big idea’ brand communications, LaunchPad for ‘quick idea’ communications, and Programmatic+™ for performance communications.

Creativity on tap. That’s Liberty.


The Liberty Guild has developed the first ground-up redesign of the creative process for a long, long time. And we’ve decoupled it. Which is really just a clever way of saying you get the ideas you want without paying for the stuff you don’t.

The basics remain the same: a good brief, a tight partnership between client, planner and creatives, and enough time for ideas to emerge and be refined. But everything else is just chaff. So we’ve stripped it down, analysed it, optimised it, and rebuilt it to make it relevant for today.

It’s like an abattoir for sacred cows. That’s Liberty.




The fundamentals are the same. An insightful brief goes to creative people whose ideas are honed until a piece of work is good enough to make. Like your old agency. But. Erm. Better. Faster and less expensive.

The process has evolved. Because it had to. We work on a project basis, with creative and strategic talent that is skill matched to the brief from our community of 180+ (we will stop when we reach 700 strong). And we’ve service designed out a lot of the stupid stuff that gets in the way of great work.

So the idea is a true collaboration. Everyone who works on it. Really wants to work on it. Life’s a pitch and so are we. The creatives start working directly with the client, planner and creative lead but independently of each other. A whole lot of clever stuff happens until eventually just one remains. But everyone gets paid.

And then it’s up to the client. Work with your own production set-up. Work with one of our partners. Keep us on to oversee things. Or take the idea on a roadshow for 6 months. It’s your call. Just be assured that however we are involved, our costs are entirely transparent. We spend on the talent, and save on the other stuff.

And that’s it. Transformative, high-quality creative ideas from the best minds in the world delivered quickly and cost effectively. Questions?




Launchpad gets you to a cracking creative idea for your business quickly and efficiently. It’s a stripped back, slimmed down nimble thing for businesses in a hurry to get creative ideas developed, produced and shipped. Typically it’s for NPD in a big business, or a startup or online business that would never in million years think of using a traditional agency. Well now you can have the bang without the bucks.

If you’re already producing content or driving digital traffic, this will put a comms strategy and an idea behind that. An idea you can use anywhere. online, offline, wherever. Ads, content, social campaigns and more. An idea that can help drive your product or service further than you could imagine.

If you’re a big grown up business perhaps you have something to incubate and launch internally. You wouldn’t usually call your agency. It’s too much time and money. That’s where Launchpad can help literally get it off the ground.

We start with a creative brief (which we can help with). We identify the creative talent that’s right for the job. Then it’s an intensive burst of creative energy. And for sure The Guild is involved throughout, making sure the idea will deliver. Launchpad is a decoupled product. We’re not tied to any production partners. So we can hand the idea over, or introduce you to some the best craft talent in the world. It’s up to you.




Programmatic media works. We know that. Which is why programmatic spend is booming. But media targeting and placement, crucial as they are, are only part of the story. What if you could to bring genuine programmatic rigour to your messaging as well?

A recent Nielsen study of 500+ campaigns makes it so clear that creativity is the biggest contributor to sales. With the right strategic and creative approach. And a clever automated production process that crushes cost and time during asset development. We can drive true creative optimisation into programmatic media, and improve sales performance in a big way. This is not unwieldy DCO. This is different. A blend of new technology and thinking with tried and tested creative talent. At scale.

Programmatic+ allows us to cost-efficiently and robustly ideate, produce, place and test 100s if not 1000s of creative variables into your ad buy. So you can be sure that both message and media are working optimally for your business. That’s what the ‘+’ is for.