Launchpad gets you to a cracking creative idea for your business quickly and efficiently. It’s a stripped back, slimmed down nimble thing for businesses in a hurry to get creative ideas developed, produced and shipped. Typically it’s for NPD in a big business, or a startup or online business that would never in million years think of using a traditional agency. Well now you can have the bang without the bucks.

If you’re already producing content or driving digital traffic, this will put a comms strategy and an idea behind that. An idea you can use anywhere. online, offline, wherever. Ads, content, social campaigns and more. An idea that can help drive your product or service further than you could imagine.

If you’re a big grown up business perhaps you have something to incubate and launch internally. You wouldn’t usually call your agency. It’s too much time and money. That’s where Launchpad can help literally get it off the ground.

We start with a creative brief (which we can help with). We identify the creative talent that’s right for the job. Then it’s an intensive burst of creative energy. And for sure The Guild is involved throughout, making sure the idea will deliver. Launchpad is a decoupled product. We’re not tied to any production partners. So we can hand the idea over, or introduce you to some the best craft talent in the world. It’s up to you.