We enable you to get the famous, media neutral ideas you would like, but increasingly don’t get, from your current agency partners (we know it’s not really their fault, but you know what we mean). And we deliver them with a minimum of hassle, friction and fuss.

Decoupled Creative Ideation™ allows brand marketers to unlock the creative potential in their briefs, generating the big, robust, long-term ideas needed to drive transformational business impact. And it costs about 2/3 of what your ad agency charges you…

If you’re testing a market and need a less composed, more dynamic approach, try Launchpad™.

Or finally, if you want to boost the creative effectiveness of your targeted performance media activity, there’s Programmatic+™.



You’re building a business, probably with digital, but you know that you’ll benefit from creating a deeper emotional connection with your customers in all channels, getting more of them to ‘really like’ you not just ‘like’ you. So you need a brand idea that works hard.

Launchpad™ is the product that helps you get off the ground fast. We can then help you take that idea and turn it into video advertising, social content, digital display, website material or even retail, experiential and good old print material IRL.

And if you want to give your programmatic some extra kick through genuine creative optimisation as well as just the media sort, then we’d love to tell you about Programmatic+™



You live for digital performance data. The stuff that keeps you awake at night is cost per click or cost per acquisition. And you know that optimising creative messaging can have just as big if not a bigger impact on asset performance than optimising media placement.

For you, we’ve built Programmatic+™. An approach that brings true strategic rigour and creative craft to the world of programmatic media. It allows advertisers to test and refine multiple messaging options against multiple audience segments to drive down the cost of whatever outcome you’re chasing.



You may be new to YouTube or you may be an established advertiser. Either way, you know that video advertising will deliver a massive uplift. And you’ve probably looked at some of the many platforms that can deliver cost effective content. Cool.

But you know how they do this thing at enterprise level? The big global brands. They’ve got serious budgets, so they use ad agencies to give them a brand platform. An enduring idea that will pass the test of time and which all their ‘content’ can hang off. Creativity in marketing drives business success. Getting the message right and landing it so it connects with customers has a huge effect on sales. But the expense, complexity and hassle of hiring an ad agency puts quality creative talent out of reach for most. Until we changed that up.

The Liberty Guild is a platform designed specifically for the efficient development of brilliantly effective advertising ideas. At its heart is a distributed – and carefully vetted - community of 180+ of the best creatives and strategists in the world, who usually work for the big global brands. We can connect them directly with you to come up with the sort of amazing advertising ideas that will power your business for the long term.

Using technology to streamline the development of great ideas is just one way we drive costs down. We select the best creative people for your brief from our community of award-winning specialists. Use our process and tools to help them work efficiently and at speed. And the product is killer ideas for you to take into production (or we can help there as well if you want).

All that makes us a fast, low cost, and high-quality advertising ideas machine creating great work for our clients every time.

Find out more about our Launchpad™ product, perfect for YouTube advertisers.