The fundamentals are the same. An insightful brief goes to creative people whose ideas are honed until a piece of work is good enough to make. Like your old agency. But. Erm. Better. Faster and less expensive.

The process has evolved. Because it had to. We work on a project basis, with creative and strategic talent that is skill matched to the brief from our community of 180+ (we will stop when we reach 700 strong). And we’ve service designed out a lot of the stupid stuff that gets in the way of great work.

So the idea is a true collaboration. Everyone who works on it. Really wants to work on it. Life’s a pitch and so are we. The creatives start working directly with the client, planner and creative lead but independently of each other. A whole lot of clever stuff happens until eventually just one remains. But everyone gets paid.

And then it’s up to the client. Work with your own production set-up. Work with one of our partners. Keep us on to oversee things. Or take the idea on a roadshow for 6 months. It’s your call. Just be assured that however we are involved, our costs are entirely transparent. We spend on the talent, and save on the other stuff.

And that’s it. Transformative, high-quality creative ideas from the best minds in the world delivered quickly and cost effectively. Questions?