We sort of feel dirty even saying it but… Uber, the world's largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world's most popular media owner (kinda), creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. You know right? How many times have you heard that? But now The Liberty Guild, the world’s best creative department, has no ad agency. Or pool tables.

Everything has changed. The technology revolution has driven wholesale fundamental disruption in all major businesses and their marketing departments. And whilst we all know that what we make has changed, how we make it has not changed since the 50’s. It was inevitable someone would be the first to apply global platform thinking to the creative end of the food chain. Enter us.

One thing remains a constant however in this melée, and that is the power of great creative ideas to transform businesses. It’s why we all got into the business isn’t it. It’s why we love it. It’s why we live it. And, important as structure and process are, it’s the talent we focus on. So our process works in a way that is built for today’s talent. And when they work with us they are well rewarded for doing so. In every way.

And it goes deeper. We’re a Guild. An ‘association of craftspeople grouped together for mutual aid and in pursuit of a common goal’. So we nurture the talent, and ask them to nurture one another, enabling them to cultivate their passions, their side gigs and their lives. Bringing balance. Because when they flourish, we all flourish, and our collective creativity is transformative.



Here’s the team behind The Liberty Guild. Because we sort of have to. But like we said. It’s not about us, it’s about you. This Guild is structured for the way the world wants to work tomorrow. An organisation of globally distributed craftspeople who come together for mutual aid. That’s what we’re building. Together. Along with our clients, our community and our partners.




Jon is also in charge of crayons. Via Publicis, Wunderman and BMB he ended up at Grey London, where he was the first digital native in the UK to run a traditional ATL creative department. Which was interesting. His personal work has got over 200 lumps of metal for creativity and effectiveness, including Lions, Pencils & Effies. Stuff like the iPint, the world's first native branded application for the iPhone and the most popular FMCG app of all time. Later as CCO of Grey EMEA, running a creative team of 500, he transformed it into the best performing creative region, of the Global Network Agency of the Year. He’s sat on or been foreman of pretty much every jury there is, including D&AD & Cannes many times. He wrote the training manual for “Open Culture” & “Long Ideas”, Grey’s transformative IP. And deployed a 2000 seat pan-EMEA crowdsourced co-creation platform, to put the best team on the job regardless of geography. Sounds familiar…..



Sarah is the closest thing we have to a suit.  She started strong, being the ‘sine qua non’ on the world’s first truly integrated ATL, BTL, online, user-generated, pan-regional campaign. Becoming the 4th most awarded campaign in the world, it was so very different, it forced the Cannes to introduce the Titanium category. Tough act to follow. She then championed integrated creative thinking at JWT, DDB and McCann. And ended up heading Saatchi’s Geneva office and doing a lot of multi-market international stuff. And eating a lot of cheese. She left the mountains and came home to join the leadership team at Tag Worldwide and set up a new creative agency offering ‘inside’.



Lins’ colossal OCD keeps everyone in line and makes stuff actually happen. He’s a rare multi-platform multi-format digital native production leader with a degree in computer science. He led a huge team at Wunderman delivering programs for Microsoft, covering CRM, .com, and online experiences. He headed up digital production at BBH. Built digital skill sets, and guided the business to produce their first digital and integrated work. Then he moseyed on over to Saint@RKCR/Y&R. where he improved creative output across their digital and integrated work for core brands. His last gig before he came to play with us was MD of B-Reel, the world’s leading production company where he drove innovation and creative excellence across TV, film, content, digital, integrated, experiential and product dev. And basically turned it into a creative agency.